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lots of bats
Having bats in your home is an unsettling and serious problem, even if they are confined to the attic. Not only do they urinate and defecate anywhere they roost, causing staining and odor problems which are difficult to remove, they are associated with diseases which are dangerous to humans, including rabies and histoplasmosis (a lung disease caused by the spores of fungus which grow on their droppings or guano). Tri-State Wildlife Management offers bat removal in Ohio, northern Kentucky, and southeast Indiana.
Mole Removal Villa Hills KY
Moles tunnel up to eighteen feet per hour and move forward and backward eighty feet per minute in the tunnel. They have small eyes and very poor eyesight. The mole’s sense of smell is very good and they use their long nose to search for food.
Tri-State Wildlife Management is a full service company. A full-time carpenter on staff meets the repair and/or restoration needs of any job. Our staff understands the burden and mess associated with having wild animals invading your home, business, or green space.

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